Psychic-Medium Gary Miller
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About Gary
I've lived all of my life in the Pittsburgh area having grown up in the South Hills.

My initial contact with Spirit (earliest recollection any way) was at the age of 5...
That's when I met who I later came to call my "Guardian Angel".  She's been with me in some capacity or another all of my life.  
I have several fascinating stories about her.  If you are interested and twist my arm... Just a little... I'll gladly share some of my experiences.

Like many people I felt alone and isolated in my experiences with Spirit - Never really feeling comfortable talking with anyone about them about them. I worried that people would think I was odd or even crazy.  Then in the late 70's I found the First Spiritualist Church. It was like "Coming Home..." I was surrounded by people who not only accepted me and my experiences but who also had their own connections with Spirit in numerous ways. It was such a comfort and a relief to have found this outlet...
- After sharing messages (as I received them) with people in the congregation I was asked to visit the "Closed  Circle" for Mediumship Development which met once a week on Wednesdays. Eventually, after a trial period of 1 month, I was invited to join the Circle. This meant I made a promise to attend every week except when I was travelling or was dealing with a crisis of some kind.  It was stressed how important this was. Each member of this group had made a commitment to Spirit as well as to each other to honor this appointment to work together.
- Each week we revisited the guidelines and rules (for Safety and Efficiency) of sitting in a development circle.  This included things like: 
- Never touch a person who is under the influence of Spirit
- Never make any loud noises once the Circle has begun
- Always wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing
- Never interact with participants using negative energy or wording
- etc.
At times it seemed silly to repeat this list every week BUT deviations from these guidelines would prove problematic, even to some of the seasoned veterans of the Circle.  These weekly reminders helped us ALL to work more safely and to make much better connections with Spirit as they joined the sessions.
- I have always had the strongest results and witnessed the same in others when a group was committed to attendance 
and to watching out for the well being of other members of the group.

I enjoy participating in Meditation Groups and Seances...
I LOVE Ghost Hunting and doing Psychic and Spirit Investigations.  It is always an enjoyable experience getting together with friends (and meeting some new ones in the process) to go to places like The Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia or The Old Maitland Church in New Castle, PA.  ...and there are always some interesting "Visitors" at The Salina Inn in Avonmore, PA.

We've also had some wonderful and fascinating experiences investigating private homes over the years...! You really never know what you might find...

I have spent time hanging out at The Rusty Dory Pub on Route 65 in Avalon, PA where the "Spirits" are always flowing... Both in the form of beverages as well as the form of entities...!  When you go to visit be sure to ask about some of the resident "Ghosts".

I joined The First Spiritualist Church of McKeesport (NOW "of Greater Pittsburgh") back in 1977. 

 I learned most of what I know about working with Spirit in an Intelligent and Healthy way from wonderful Mediums like Ella Bryner and Frances Krall who worked and served at the church for many years.
Both of these wonderful women have passed to Spirit...
I am available for Readings by Appointment