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I was asked By Pittsburgh City Paper to make some predictions for things to come in 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA... After doing a meditation and reaching out to see what information was available...
Here is what I had to share:

There is a child who will come up with an idea that could drastically reduce the impact of poverty, especially as it affects children. This will at first mostly be effective locally but can be adapted to help on a National level.

I foresee a landslide which will be larger than any in recent history.

There will be a population explosion of deer for some reason. There could be some dispute as to the cause(s) of this at the time it occurs.

Our own Carnegie Science Center will receive some National or even International acclaim this year.

I am seeing some Crisis at the Warhol Museum. It is something which could be preventable but I don't believe it will be averted.

Our Mayor, Bill Peduto will experience a windfall of some sort. Some people may want to spin controversy because... well people being people. There is nothing controversial and I just want to say "Congratulations Mayor Peduto...!".

There is a strong potential to see a bad multi-automobile accident which seems most likely to occur in the South Side. 
it is possible that it could be more around the West End area but most importantly a combination of alcohol on the part of some drivers AND signage on the part of the City are the biggest contributing factors here...

There will be an abnormally large string of multiple births in the area which will include the general Western PA area and even into Northern WV and northern OH... Must be something in water "as they say...".

Some new and Bizarre flavors of Ice Cream will come out of our area.

Some Great Scientific and Medical advances will come out of UPMC in general and Presbyterian Medical Center specifically.
One area where there will be significant breakthroughs will be around the treatment and "Dare I say the CURE" of some types of cancer. There will also be some notable changes to medical and Surgical procedures which will drastically improve the healing rate and even more importantly the survival rate for many patients. Some of this MAY be in the area of Transplant Surgeries. Go Pittsburgh...! We've excelled in these areas for such a long time...!

Sadly I see several unexplained and disturbing deaths in our area later in 2017.

People are excited to see the Dramatic Zip Line which has been discussed for development to go from Mount Washington to the North Side. Politics and of course money will bring some serious headaches into the mix with the planning of this venture... Here's hoping things get worked out. What an AWESOME Idea...!

And finally from me here... There will be a Large Winner of one of the Bigger Lotteries... Just remember Kiddies that one ticket has the same odds of winning as spending lots of money on a pile of tickets. If you're meant to win you'll buy the ticket with right numbers with a single purchase...!

Best of Luck to Everyone in the Pittsburgh and South Western PA Area in 2017...!
Gary Miller Psychic/Medium